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Having a husband in Bible College definitely has its perks. That may seem like an odd statement. Let me continue.

Yesterday, I joined Kevin for his morning lecture entitled ‘Team Leadership’. He asked me the day before if I’d like to come along since there would be a guest speaker that he thought I would enjoy hearing. That, as I discovered, was an extreme understatement. The guest speaker turned out to be a very wise, and quite witty, woman named Ilene Smith-Bezjian. She is the Dean of the School of Business and Management at Asuza Pacific University, one of the top Christian schools in the US. She also has 30 years of Marketing and International Business experience under her belt, among many other impressive achievements. Let’s just say, my interest was piqued.

Her ‘chat’ [as she called it — she doesn’t like the word lecture] couldn’t have been more appropriate for the current position I’m in. The wisdom and knowledge she poured out in her 3-hour presentation have provided the exact encouragement and practical advice I need as I begin to build my business here in Sydney. It was more than just a casual decision of mine to be in that lecture room today. I believe, without a doubt, that it was nothing less than God’s divine plan.

One of many the things that stuck with me from Dr. Bezjian’s talk was the simple phrase, “I am.” In the Bible, this is the name that God told Moses to answer in reply to the question, “Who sent you?” when he reached the pharaoh of Egypt, requesting the Israelites be released from captivity. I love how simple it is, yet how all-encompassing this name of God is. He is. And that’s that.

Ilene asked the group to make a list of as many “I am…” statements we could to describe ourselves. In relationship to leadership, she was basically saying that if you don’t know who you are, how can you expect people to follow you? Your personal identification is absolutely vital to your ability to lead others. Here is how she defines leadership:

“Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.”

I’ve started my list and I’m pretty excited to begin each day being reminded of who I am… not because of me or what I’ve done, but only because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross nearly two millennia ago. I’ve said, “Yes, I believe” and now I say “Yes, Lord” as He leads. My past is not what defines me. My identity is in Christ alone. He has made eternal promises to me throughout His living Word, the Bible. Here’s where I am so far:

I am LOVED. (John 3:16) I am REDEEMED. (Ephesians 1:7) I am CHOSEN. (John 15:16) I am CALLED. (2 Peter 1:3) I am POWERFUL. (2 Timothy 1:7) I am CONNECTED. (Galatians 3:26).

This is just the beginning of my list. I hope it encourages you to start your own list. Here is a link I found with many more great promises in Scripture.

The last thing I want to include in this post is a short video that I documented this past Sunday while Principal Lee Burns, Robert Fergusson [shown in the video], and Executive VP Mark Hopkins prayed over the new and returning Hillsong College students. Twenty-eleven is most certainly going to be a year to remember!

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3 thoughts on “i am

  1. Lynnie says:

    Thanks Syd!

    I need this, this morning!

  2. ilene bezjian says:

    I stumbled across this blog – you made my day!
    Ilene Bezjian

  3. […] the beginning of 2011, I joined Kevin for one of his classes at college. I blogged about it here. I shared that day’s experience on this blog to hopefully be of some encouragement to you, […]

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