the lingberries have a home!

It is hard to update a blog when you don’t have internet! [Thank you, Captain Obvious…]

Going to keep this one short and sweet because I am at a café borrowing internet, it’s about to rain, and I need to jet back to the house to get the laundry off the line. That’s right, folks… no dryer. Thus is the life of an Australian. But it’s all good. Saving energy! We even have solar-heated water… love that. 🙂

Here’s a shot of the outside of our house — I’ll post a few of the inside as soon as I can get them up.

I want to quickly share a funny story from this past week. I think you’ll be most impressed with my ninja skills.

An interesting feature of our house is that the doors have automatic locks — meaning that you don’t have to lock with a key from the outside, but simply close the door. For a forgetful person such as myself, this could prove disastrous… and it has. I was heading out the door with my mom and left my car and house keys inside. The door gently, but securely, locked. Oh no.

It dawned on me that we don’t have another set of keys — car OR house. Thankfully, between my mom and myself, we quickly developed a McGyver plan. We removed the screen from a side window of the house. Then, we grabbed a bucket and a couple of cement blocks, placing them just below the window. I proceeded to climb up on the bucket, blocks, and my mom’s left shoulder as I shimmied my body through the small window opening… just above the kitchen sink. SUCCESS! Whew, that was close.

I have to say, I was pretty proud of Team Berry. We had a similar experience back in Atlanta a year and a half ago — unfortunately, there were no windows to be broken into that time and it cost nearly $85. We managed to solve this one free of charge [except for maybe a small brush burn on my tummy].

That’s the story and I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 More photos of the new home of the Lingberries coming soon!

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2 thoughts on “the lingberries have a home!

  1. Danae Lehman says:

    Really enjoy reading your blog and am very excited to see pics of the inside of your house!!

  2. solomon minnow says:

    im so speechless about all this;its so full of brain work.from the wedding pics to the house,,,,oh and the story,i never knew you play ninjja some what…thanks for sharing greetings to the habby

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