the big oh-three

Last Wednesday, our nephew Malachi turned 3. He’s such a big boy!

We celebrated at Macca’s [Aussie slang for McDonald’s] along with family, friends, and lots and lots of kiddos. It ended up being such a great time! We headed back to Kev’s parents’ house after the party for the “after-party”… aka dinner, opening of presents, and some solid fellowship with old and new friends. Old for most people there; new to me. Here are a few moments I captured on camera that I’d like to share with you.

Happy Birthday, Malachi! Your QuQu [uncle] and Qu-Mei [auntie] love you lots. 🙂

Kev’s double-cousin [moms are sisters; dads are brothers] Dustin’s little boy, Denzel… I can’t blame Kev for being tempted to eat him up! Such a cutie pie.

Malachi has learned to share with his little sis, Allegra… even his FAVORITE food: McDonald’s chips! He’s such a gentleman.

I lovingly refer to this one as the “Big People Table”… well out of harm’s reach. Hehe.

Kev and Cinta [Denzel’s older sister…] So much love.

Malachi is pretty excited about his AWESOME birthday cake. I think you need a close-up…

If I remember correctly, all of the characters are made of icing and completely edible. That, right there, is a work of genius.

Here’s the whole fam — Elrica [Kev’s sister], Joe [her hubby], Allegra & Malachi [completely distracted by the cake… but how could they NOT be??]

The Playground… Check out Elaine’s killer spike move in the middle. She’s getting some serious air! I think we have a future volleyballer on our hands.

Opening up pressies back at the house. How sweet is that mini Mini-Cooper?

Indonesians know how to do it right… There is never a shortage of yummy food at the Lings! 🙂

This one was just too adorable not to include. Here’s sweet little cousin Elaine and her mum. I love Kev’s fam!

The end of the night eventually came and I snagged this shot of the crew… Allegra was COMPLETELY passed out, hehe. The end!

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