jumping in

It’s a bit hard to believe that I’ve been in Australia for over two months now… on one hand, it’s gone by super fast, but on the other, it feels like I’ve been here for years. Kev and I hit the ground running when we arrived in Sydney post-honeymoon on January 18th. It’s been such a joy getting to know the community of people that Kev has been doing life with here. There are so many amazing people here with a massive heart for God and for others. We are blessed to be part of a local church with a global vision. I’ve felt so welcome and so loved.

In the midst of everything, however, I know that I have held back. In my mind, I’ve given myself space and time to absorb and adapt to all of the changes. Because of that, I feel that I’ve had one foot in the pool of Kev’s world [so to speak], and one foot out. It wasn’t until last week that I had a clear view that this is the way I’ve been living. I wouldn’t really step up or speak out to serve because “I’m new here”.

There’s nothing worse than doing things half-heartedly. It explains why I’ve been so up and down since arriving… I need to stop looking back. It’s time to move forward. Not forget where I’ve been, but shift my focus to where I’m going… and more importantly, where we are going as a couple and as an important part of this church body.

So the first way I jumped in was to volunteer at Colour Conference [Hillsong’s yearly women’s conference]. I was planning to attend as a delegate, but I really felt a nudge to give my registration to someone unable to afford a registration. I still had the opportunity to be there through volunteering and I knew it was the only way to get past my barrier of holding back and go all in. I volunteered with the photography team and saw God do amazing things, both in my life and the lives of thousands of women from around the globe. Just to give you a glimpse into Colour, here are a few shots from the weekend:

Pastor Craig Groeschel from Life Church in Oklahoma City bringing the Word

I can’t remember why he was doing this, but I think it had something to do with fear… maybe fear of a spider landing on your face? 🙂

There existed an amazing atmosphere of sisters, of all ages, coming alongside each other to pray and encourage one another

Jeanne Mayo is such a legend! She spoke some amazing wisdom and strength into the women at the conference

Beautiful dance during worship… that’s our friend, Shelley 🙂

Volunteers on the Parking team playing it up for the camera

Beautiful friends Mandy and Paula

How incredible are these shoes?!? Seriously. Paula has got serious style.

Me & Roxi, fabulous chica with the red lipstick and [just noticed this] sweet keys necklace — love you!

I only volunteered at the second conference, but Kev was serving pretty much 24/7 as a driver over both conferences. Between the two conferences, I had the chance to join Kev along with some friends [old and new] at Taronga Zoo. The last time I had been to the zoo was during my first visit to Sydney back in June 2004. I definitely didn’t know back then that I’d call Sydney home seven years later!

Brendo and Jaydo rockin’ a super-sized golf cart

One of the few times Kev isn’t in the driver’s seat…

At the seal show… these animals are seriously impressive.

Aaaaaaah! How adorable is this bébé? Good genes right there, people. Jacs, you are beautiful!

Closing this post on a VERY good note. You can’t help but smile looking at this baby! 🙂

I hope each of you are encouraged to just jump in — wherever it is you are in life, go all in… Don’t live a half-hearted life. There is so much out there for you to experience and be part of. You’re doing yourself a disservice by staying in the shadows or holding back the gifts that God has given you to share with others. Embrace life to the fullest! Love you guys. All for now ~ S

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One thought on “jumping in

  1. Susan || missionsminded2818 says:

    Thanks for this blog post. It was VERY encouraging. Also, you did a great job volunteering with the photography team! Even in these few images I can tell that many people will be blessed by your work.

    -Susan =]

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