easter family reunion 2011

Every year, my extended family on my mom’s side gets together for a family reunion at Easter time. Easter is my favorite time of the year for several reasons, but this gathering is definitely one of those reason. This year marked the 48th anniversary of the reunion [almost 50 years!] Here are just a few of my favorite moments from this year’s reunion:

A new tradition has arisen over the past several years where a group of us traveling from Louisiana stop in at Felix’s Fish Camp Restaurant… incredible seafood [the crab bisque is my fave], good company, and plenty of laughs.

Okay, I promise this whole trip wasn’t just about food… hehe. However, this was my and Kev’s first visit to Lambert’s, home of the throwed rolls. This place was CRAZY — they have people carrying around all-you-can-eat sides [like fried okra, black-eyed peas, mac-n-cheese… ya know, healthy stuff] and throwing massive hot bread rolls at you [upon request, of course], not to mention HUGE drink mugs [see below]. Lambert’s was more than lunch… Lambert’s was an experience.

Check out the size of that salad! My sister Courtney barely even finished off the top layer. Ethan is clearly appalled at the portion sizes… I’m sure if he could talk, he would be saying, “What kind of place IS this? My tiny belly can not handle it! Stop the insanity!”

Moving on… to the beach!

Here are Kev and my brother Sam gathering the necessary pieces to put up a beach tent — a fabulous idea to protect little ones [and big ones] from the sun and provide a central spot to keep our things. Only mild drama ensued when the couple seated behind them complained that the tent would block their view of the ocean.

Here’s my nephew Landen clearly ready for the water… “Where’s Mimi??”

My mom is not a beach person… However, when the grandkids want to get in the ocean, Mimi instantly becomes a beach person. It’s like magic!

Thomas and friends… getting some sun. Not much of a story behind this one, just like the photo. 🙂

A few of my fun little cousins hanging out in the pool…

It’s hard to believe that I remember when all of these girls were born… I’m getting old!

Another somewhat new tradition that has blossomed is Ruby Red night — on Good Friday, after the fam gathers together for the ‘Way of the Cross’ reading, my mom boils plenty of Ruby Red shrimp accompanied with lemon butter, cocktail sauce, and my mom’s world famous tartar sauce. These shrimp are the South’s equivalent of Maine lobster, not joking. They’re heaven in a soft, thin shell.

Mr. Shrimp Eyes. Oh, he is so goofy. I love it. 🙂

Here’s my brother Sam with his wife Melissa and hilarious little boy, Landen… This was the best photo I got of the 3 of them together. Plus, I love Landen’s laugh and this captured it [just barely].

Me and my nephew Ethan, whom I affectionately call ‘Googerbear’ — isn’t he just the ca-YOOT-est?

In case you were wondering where friends gather, it’s here… in this condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Sad day for friends around the world that can’t get there.

Happy Easter from the Lingberries! Do you like my new dress? I got it on sale at Anthropologie [pretty much the best store ever invented]

Thanks for coming along with us down to Gulf Shores! We had a blast, as always, and are looking forward to another great time next year.

Before I close, I feel the need to share with you the main reason Easter is my favorite time of the year. It’s about what Easter represents: the crux of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for the sins of the world and His victory over eternal death by His rising again. Through faith in Him and the work He finished on the cross, everyone has access to a personal relationship with God once again. The trap of sin no longer needs to have a hold on your life or my life… This is seriously good news! I hope and pray that each of you reading this have experienced this hope in your own life. It is the bigger story we are all a part of.

Stay tuned for updates from our visit to the Pacific Northwest!

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One thought on “easter family reunion 2011

  1. Beau Prados (Rufus H. Prados, Jr.) says:

    Hey, Syd and Kev,
    Thank you so very much for the “Thank You” card in regards to the wedding gift I sent you. I appreciate your appreciation. How’s that for applied redundancy ? I especially liked the personal handwritten note you sent me. That was very sweet and thoughtful of you. I’m glad you saw the humor in my “down and dirty” wedding card. I was already late, it was handy by my office desk, and so I grabbed it. What can I say ? 🙂 (LOL).Sydney, your Mom and I are first cousins : her Mom and my Dad were brother and sister. This makes you my second cousin. Wassup, cous ? I hope you are enjoying Australia. That is one place I would certainly like to visit someday. Your Mom and I exchange emails on a regular basis. She told me about Gulf Shores…..sounds like great fun. Well, Syd and Kev, I hope that you too have a blessed 2011. Much love, Beau.

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