raise your glass high

Recently, as I was praying and meditating, a domino effect of thoughts came to my mind. I love the imagery and I hope they will be of encouragement to you today.

Incline your ear. Incline your life. Raise your life up to Him.

Raise it up like a glass of champagne being toasted at a wedding feast.

Your life is simply one glass being raised at the feast, a wedding celebration of Christ and His bride, the Church.

You are an invited guest! Stop sitting outside the tent looking in as if you were a mere vagabond.

Raise your glass HIGH! Up to the Father. He rejoices in your presence. You need not bring anything else. Just all of you and all He created you to be.

Experience the joy of the family celebrating. It’s YOUR day.

Let your life continually be poured out and refilled… the wine never runs out at this wedding feast.


2 thoughts on “raise your glass high

  1. TRP says:

    **Raises Glass**
    Here’s to choosing life…

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