halfsies is live!


I can’t believe the day is finally here that I get to introduce you to Halfsies, the project I’ve been working on nearly full-time for the last 4 months (and part-time for about 2 years).

Halfsies addresses 3 major problems that co-exist in our world today:

1) Oversized Food Portions. “Most restaurant serving sizes are 2 to 4 times the government’s recommended serving sizes.” –usatoday.com

2) Excessive Food Waste. “About 40 percent of the food produced in the United States isn’t consumed. Every day Americans waste enough food to fill the Rose Bowl. And our national food waste habit is on the upswing: We waste 50% more food today than we did in 1974.” –Jonathan Bloom, author of American Wasteland

3) Local & Global Hunger. “In 2009, 50.2 million Americans lived in food insecure households, 33 million adults and 17.2 million children.” –feedingamerica.org

These problems are not unrelated. They share a common denominator: food. And yet, somehow, we continue to see rising rates without clear, sustainable solutions. What if by reducing portion sizes and food waste, we could also support the fight against hunger and poverty?

Halfsies is a social initiative offering healthier meal portions to restaurant-goers while reducing food waste and supporting the fight against hunger and poverty.

The Halfsies concept is simple: At a participating restaurant, you choose to ‘go halfsies’, which means you receive a half-portion of your meal (which, in most cases, will easily fill you up and reduce the likelihood of food waste), pay full price, and the restaurant donates a portion of the proceeds to fight hunger and poverty.

I’d like to welcome you to get involved with this exciting initiative. Today, we launched our IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign. You can become a contributor and help us jumpstart Halfsies!

Another great way to help is to spread the word! We want to show the world that innovative solutions to our present-day problems are not beyond our reach… In fact, they are often right under our noses.

3 Easy Ways to Share Halfsies:

1) Tweet a photo of your oversized restaurant meal (where appropriate) with the caption “Wish I could #gohalfsies” (Here’s a great example… also, Instagram is a great app to use for this)

2) Copy and tweet the following line (or your own version is cool too): “Meet @gohalfsies, a social initiative to promote healthy eating + reduce waste + fight hunger. http://gohalfsies.com” (or retweet a message by @gohalfsies)

3) Post a status update on Facebook “Check out this exciting new social initiative to promote healthy eating, reduce food waste & fight hunger. http://facebook.com/gohalfsies

Be sure to follow Halfsies on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated. And if you’re in the US and interested in getting more involved, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Cheers! Sydney


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