what i long to see

I long to see justice. I long to see equality. I long to see despair turned to hope, death restored to life. I long to see the beauty within each and every person shine with strength.

I long to see connection between God’s creation, blind to color, class or creed. I long to see a generation of people that will not sit back as the world starves… and at the same time grows fat. I long to see a people that will rise to the task, despite the challenge, opposition and pain that it brings.

I long to see communities around the world united, casting aside differences and opinions to find common ground and work together for the common good of humanity.

I long to see my own heart melt with compassion for the fatherless, the unwanted, the abandoned and the forgotten. I long to be all that I was created to be, walking each day with purpose, vision, strength and wisdom — all to the glory of my Savior Jesus Christ.

But I don’t just long for these things. I pray for them, I believe in faith for them, and I work every day towards them. I ask God, help me to never grow weary in doing good. Guard my heart. Renew my mind.

What do you long to see?

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