a note to women

The note below was written in honor of the amazing women in my life, one of whom is pictured below: my beautiful friend, Rachel B. Smith. To Rach: Words could never express how blessed I am to have you in my life. You are such an inspiration to me. Know you are loved and cherished by so many, myself included. Keep shining! Xx Syd

You carry within you a light brighter than you know.

With each wave of excitement, or genuine outburst of laughter, or enlightened revelation, or nugget of wisdom, or sharing of experiences past… within your words, the reflections in your eyes, comes a voice deeper than anything uttered by your lips.

From it comes truth, a longing to know and be known, to love and be loved.

Your heart is an endless spring, regardless of those brief moments when it feels drier than a forgotten branch.

Rich, it holds a sea’s worth of flowing water, its source far greater than simply that which lies within. It is universal, yet personal. Intimate.

You know Him well, and He delights in you.

Each moment of your day, in strength or tears, pain or freedom, He watches on, ready to respond. To laugh with you at the silliness of humanity, His beloved yet wayward children. To offer his ear of understanding and soak in your voice as you pour out your day, each smile, each sigh. He never tires of it.

You are a priceless jewel in His crown, an always welcome guest at His table.

His heart is sad at times, in those fleeting moments when you forget of His unmatched affection for you, but a smile towards you never leaves His magnificent face. He simply adores you.

He knows of a future far beyond your comprehension. One He shares glimpses of, but has kept veiled in shadow, as the full picture would overwhelm you by its beauty and perfection.

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply, breathe in His gift… the gift of life, of air, of the present.

Future is not yet come, and past, though as real as today, is gone. But Today, right now, is nothing other than a pure gift from your Creator. He made you, and this very moment, for a purpose. He knew you would be reading this note and be reminded of His scandalous love for you.

What do you do with this moment? This now? In a second it goes, joining the countless moments that make up your history. Our history.

On that note, I leave you. To live with a new resolve to embrace each moment to come, reminded of the nature of moments and the glorious opportunities they are to express what it is only God could steel within you: love. grace. peace. joy. acceptance. beauty. eternity.

Take it and run. Time is yours for but a season, a snapshot in the movie reel of your soul. With a resolve such as this, you will transition to eternity knowing it was as I have said. Complete, lacking nothing. A life well-lived.



One thought on “a note to women

  1. marygems says:

    Sydney- this is so precious- I am going to email it to all my friends who are not on FB- with your signature of course- what a blessing it is to read. how like you to be a blessing to many- wonderful woman of God that you are!! Love you. xoxo

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