the hunter

On September 22nd, the Ling family surprised Dad for his 60th birthday with a getaway to the Hunter Valley, a beautiful wine region about 2 hours north of Sydney. It was absolutely amazing in every way and here are a few of my favorite captures from the weekend!

We stayed at a gorgeous, Tuscan-style mansion with a vineyard in the front yard and nooks overflowing with vibrant foliage at every turn. We naturally jumped at the chance for a photo shoot. Here are Kev’s Auntie Olga & cousin Angelica striking a pose:

And, of course, Kev being his #asianhusbandofdreams self (Check the hashtag on instagram to see what it’s all about… my husband is the best) 🙂

A few artsy flower shots… Check out those colors!

A little bit after arriving, Dad was just playing with Malachi when… “SURPRISE!” Some unexpected visitors pop up from behind the couch!

The biggest surprise was the visit of his adopted son, Lewi, from Indonesia…

It was Lewi’s very first time in Australia! Such a sweet reunion. I feel so blessed to have been able to witness it and capture the moment in photos.

Our first night, everyone pitched in to prepare a yummy birthday dinner for Dad. Kev made his famous pasta salad & Joe cooked up a mighty fine steak! Angelica looks particularly pleased. Hehe 😉

What birthday celebration is complete without candles? Malachi and Allegra did the honors.

The next day was a full one hopping around to different wineries, eating yummy food and taking LOTS of photos.

Dad, hope you had the BEST 60th birthday ever 🙂 Many more wonderful years ahead! We love you lots. Kev + Syd


3 thoughts on “the hunter

  1. MizPage says:

    The food!!

    You have a beautiful family.

  2. I wonder precisely why you labeled this posting, “the hunter |
    the lingberries”. In either case I personally loved it!
    Thanks for the post-Kacey

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