LVTW: Norway

Oslo is one. sweet. city. It wasn’t on our original itinerary, but we waited a bit too long to book our flight from London to Stockholm and ended up finding a more affordable flight to nearby Oslo. Our buddy Daz lives there, so Kev got in touch to see if he would be around and up for hosting us. Just minutes later, we got an excited ‘YES’ in response. Lerv it.

To give you a quick intro to Norway, have a look at these houses with grass on their roofs. It provides excellent insulation in the long winter months. Some people even chuck a goat up there to keep the lawn trimmed!


We arrived into Oslo around noon on Wednesday, 31st July. Yet another friend from Hillsong College, Peter, graciously offered to pick us up at the airport. We rode  into the city and he hung out for the afternoon. Just minutes after we jumped on the ferry to explore the harbor, down came a torrential downpour – literally out of the blue. After we found cover and had a few laughs, we made our way to a great little Italian spot and fared Peter well as he headed home to southern Norway.




Just a little note about our accommodation in Oslo: it was anything but typical. Daz’s dad manages a gym, which he and the family also live right next to. A section of the gym is a dance studio, complete with hardwood floors, a full wall mirror, equipment and 8 showers. We slept in there. It was awesome.


We did A TON in the 2 days we spent in Oslo, so I’m just going to bombard you with photos and save you the gory details. Unless, of course, they’re just too good NOT to share. Here we go:

Olympic Ski Jump, complete with a guardian troll and picking of wild strawberries





Copenhagen Opera House (Yes, that’s me saluting in Vulcan — oh, what has he done to me)





Tim Wendelboe specialty coffee



A 6-hour walk from the city’s East to West side with stops in markets and little shops, a picnic on the lawn, the Norwegian King & Queen’s palace and plenty of needed stops for sore feet






The Vigeland Park, home of the world’s largest collection of human statues by one artist – and every single one of them ‘au natural’



A picnic by the lake with Daz’s cousin from Sarajevo (very cool girl)… Daz introduced us to oreo & blueberry s’mores. AH-mazing!




And last but not least… Meet the sheep. It took us ages to find them (these photos were around 10pm), but it was completely worth the search. So fluffy!




So as mentioned earlier, it was a whirlwind visit filled with lots of laughs, good food, fluffy sheep and great conversations. We are so thankful to Daz and his family for letting us invade their world for 48 hours. It left us loving Norway (and Norwegian chocolate) and eager to get back for a longer visit soon! But for now, south we go.

Next up is beautiful Sverige (or Sweden, as us ‘mericans call it). Until then… Skål!

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