LVTW: Sweden

If I had to choose one word to describe our time in Sweden, it would be family. I have endless memories of summer adventures driving up the coast, when my Dad would drive for hours. That time on the road was always a bit rough, but once we arrived to our destination, we would have the best time. Sweden felt a bit like that. A long journey getting there, but completely worth it.


In Stockholm, we were reunited with our old housemates, Jonas & Mathilda. We explored the city together, ate some Swedish meatballs, shared an ice cream with Mathilda’s brother David and his new bride, Carolina, and attended an evening service at Hillsong Stockholm. It was a full weekend!






Come Monday, we took a train down to Skövde, Jonas & Mathilda’s hometown in central Sweden. One of our favourite things about travelling is stepping into the world of our friends – living life and enjoying each others’ company, rather than being tourists in a new country.

They had just recently moved into their new home and it was a beautiful space. While there, we visited a few of their favourite places: the town of HJO (pronounced YOU), a little swimming hole, a forest for berry-picking and best places to spot a moose. Not to mention Swedish Pizza, packed with kebab meat, french fries and other healthy toppings like that. 😉






The main reason I summarised our time in Sweden as ‘family’ is because of the way both Jonas & Mathilda’s parents welcomed us into their homes. It was a true pleasure meeting Jonas’ parents and sharing a meal at their home in the country. We found a few treasures around the house, like a colourful double-bike that Jonas made. Our time there was incredibly refreshing and peaceful.





We also spent some time with Mathilda’s parents (whom we first met in Sydney last year) out at their summerhouse about an hour from Skövde. It was situated right near a lake and so much fun. Syd & I had to watch our waistlines because of all the amazing home-cooked meals we were getting. Boat rides, swimming in the lake, BBQ’s, darts & fika! Oh, how I love fika!







For those that don’t know, ‘fika’ is the Swedish equivalent to afternoon tea (on steroids). I think we had fika twice a day while there. Check out this berry pie that Mathilda and her mum made:


We are so thankful for our wonderful Swedish family and can’t wait to visit again soon.

Næste, København. (translation: Next up, Copenhagen)

PS Ain’t nothing sweeter in Sweden than Swedish candy! –>


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