punkin carving

A few weeks ago in Louisiana, my cousin Trey & his wife Amanda invited us over to carve pumpkins at their house. It was the first time any of us had tried it out and we had such a blast. Can’t believe I’d never done it before! A few others joined in the fun, including my bro Sam and buddy Matty C (look for the handlebar mustache… and no, it wasn’t for Halloween). We rocked out for a good 4 hours carving the gourds, listening to spooky Halloween tunes (peppered with the occasional witch cackle). Good times. Enjoy the photos & Happy Hollerween!








I need to interrupt quickly to say that my ‘Mike Wazowski’ pumpkin only happened with the help of Kev & Matty C. I managed to get pumpkin lodged under my fingernail (what?!?), rendering me pretty much useless for any further carving. Once Kev finished up the eye and teeth, Matty C found a picture hanging set and added ‘braces’ to Mike. Genius.





PS Look out for more ‘Lingberries vs The World’ posts coming soon!

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