hens, thunderstorms & a chow chow

Just the other Saturday, I attended my friend Diana’s ‘hens party’ (what we Americans call a bachelorette party). If you’re not yet familiar with this type of party, it is simply an event to celebrate a girlfriend who is about to get married (and shower her with love, sweets and the often embarrassing naughty gift).


Diana’s lovely, spunky friend Annie hosted the party at her home in the country. First up was an afternoon high tea with sweet and savory treats as far as the eye could see. Hot spinach and cheese puffs, pink heart-shaped cookies and ooey gooey brownies that were to die for… oh my! I was one of the last to arrive, so the table was already full of girls enjoying the goodies and lively conversation. It was such a joy to meet some of Di’s friends from her earlier years and workplace. We instantly connected and had the best time celebrating our beautiful Diana just weeks before her upcoming wedding.






Being passed around the table were little ads from the 50s and 60s that clearly show how male-driven advertising was in those days. Some of them were absolutely outrageous, but all of them gave us a good laugh and reminded us to be thankful we live in the 21st century.





Right smack in the middle of our sunny afternoon, a thunderstorm rolled through and gave us the most amazing sky. Of course I had to gather the troops for a few photos!




As the storm raged, we just continued to sit on the porch and chat up our own storm… We weren’t even fazed! Annie offered hot tea and we carried on. She even read us some timeless advice out of a century old book called ‘Don’ts for Wives’ by Blanche Ebbutt. Here are just a few snippets:

“Don’t forget to wish your husband good-morning when he sets off to the office. He will feel the lack of your good-bye kiss all day.”

“Don’t expect to know your husband inside and out within a month of marriage. For a long time you will be making discoveries; file them for future reference.”

“Don’t allow yourself to get into the habit of dressing carelessly when there is ‘only’ your husband to see you. Depend upon it he has no use for faded tea-gowns and badly dressed hair, and he abhors the sight of curling pins as much as other men do. He is a man after all, and if his wife does not take the trouble to charm him, there are plenty of other women who will.”

Then Di opened up a few gifts and we got to schmooze over the candles, chocolates, a sailor’s knot doorstop (?) and a few unmentionables. 🙂



Lastly, I have to share a pic of Annie’s adorable chow chow, Judah. He was really shy and wouldn’t let any of the girls come near him, but he always kept close (I think he secretly enjoyed the attention and wanted to be in on the action…) I finally got a chance to give him a good scratch on the ears towards the end of the night. We’re buddies for life now.


Gorgeous Diana, I am so grateful to have shared this wonderful day with you and the girls! Thank you for being such an amazing friend. I love you with all my heart. Xx

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