6 weeks in the motherland

From late March to early May, I visited family and friends in the US, specifically Louisiana, Texas and Los Angeles. Here’s a recap of the highlights!

The morning after arriving, I surprised my mom with the news that I am “with child” πŸ™‚ I gave her a ‘Happy Easter’ card from Kev… Of course, it wasn’t really an Easter card, but rather an announcement including a photo of my first ultrasound. Her response was priceless! It was definitely a great way to kick off my visit.

Throughout week 1, I spent time in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans with my siblings and their families. It was so nice just catching up and getting in some quality time with the nephews. Check out this sweet little boy’s mega-smile!

Smiley Guy

Couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get some snoballs at the park in Metairie.


Landen (6) is already showing quite the knack for soccer. He can’t get enough of it!

Soccer Rookie

Cheeky boy πŸ™‚


“Camera? What camera?”

Want. Mussels.

A little rain didn’t stop us from having a great time at the Fete Francais festival in New Orleans!

Fete Francais

For week 2, I drove out to Austin and then up to Dallas to visit friends. Ah Texas. You never disappoint.

Here with the ladies from Halfsies at a new spot downtown called Easy Tiger… German baked goods and sausages, plus PING PONG. Loved it.

Halfsies Ladies

Easy Tiger

The morning before heading up to Dallas, I got to squeeze in some time with my old office crew (plus amazing friend Kari) at Hillside Farmacy. Oh, and Kari just started her own jewelry business called Kari Lane Jewelry. She is super talented! They are all handmade from vintage pieces and very well priced. Check it out!

Me and Kari

Hillside Farmacy

The Schwab

Old Austin Crew

It was a quick visit to Dallas, but such an amazing time with my friend Esther. I loved exploring her new neighborhood and meeting some of her friends, like here in the backyard with pizza, fire pit, s’mores and lots of laughs!

Fireside Chats in Dallas

There are too many photos from our annual family reunion to include here, so just thought I’d share this one of my nephew Asher wearing bunny glasses that I sent out in an Easter email. How perfect are that little tongue and those curls? Hehe. And of course, he’s got a lollipop in hand. That boy looooves his lollipops.


Just a few days before I left for LA, all of my immediate family got together at my parents’ house to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday. We had boiled crawfish, jambalaya, potato salad and a yummy cake. The boys got to ride around in the go-cart and visit a little farm just down the road. Fun times in the country πŸ™‚


My brother Sam helping to make a family tradition, “pim pom” — red cream soda and condensed milk whirled up in an ice cream maker. Healthy & delicious πŸ˜‰

Making Pim Pom

Court and Abe… He loves sticking out his tongue!

Court and Little A

Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mimi

Mimis Cake

Mimi & her 5 grandsons… soon to be 6!

Mimi with the boys

Love these photos of all of us together… especially when there are so many stripes involved πŸ™‚ Just missing Kev!

The Fam

Crazy Fam

And for my last stop, I spent 3 quick but fabulous days in sunny California. I didn’t bring my camera out too much, but here are a few shots of friends I got to see while there (and the shenanigans we got up to).

My friend Jes’s film industry friends had their annual ‘Cinco de Drinko’ party at a local Mexican restaurant… While I wasn’t drinking (except maybe a small taste of the margaritas that were DELICIOUS), it was quite the night! The pic says it all.


Jes and I spent an entire afternoon with the Hardy family (who Kev and I met and knew in Sydney a couple years ago). They showed us a side of LA we hadn’t really experienced – downtown! It was a wonderful time and we really enjoyed catching up with them.




And lastly, dinner with the always enjoyable Patrick & Jen. We got takeout from a Vietnamese restaurant around the corner, which including trying ox tail for the first time. It was a bit spicy for my tastes, but not bad. Not bad at all. Love these 2 couples!


Thanks for joining me down memory lane of my 6 week visit to the US! It’ll be my last trip overseas for the year with baby coming in September, but we still have lots of updating to do for last year’s world travels. Until then, adios amigos!

Sydney x

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