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rainbows, rabbits & reunions

This Easter marked the 50th year of my family’s annual reunion. Pretty crazy stuff! The week was full of hugs, chats, food, sun, sand, games, laughs and LOTS of babies. It was also a celebration of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross to restore us to relationship with our Creator God. It’s always my favorite week of the year!

I had the privilege of designing our t-shirts for the reunion, which each family group wore in a different color for the big picture. I call it “The Savoie Family Rainbow.”


While we were at it, we went ahead and got one of the Berry crew. How cute are we?


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A great post about Halfsies from our friends at in.gredients, the first package-free grocery store in the US (which also happens to be in my old stomping grounds of Austin, TX)… Have a read and get involved! Cheers ~ Sydney


Discovering non-profits that are working to end hunger make our collective hearts swell. Even better is when we stumble on a new, Austin based organization. We can’t hide our giddiness about Halfsies, a local non-profit that’s looking to address obesity, food waste and hunger. They’re looking to do this through a simple initiative that would allow you to “go halfsies” when you go out to eat. This means you’d receive a smaller portion (addressing obesity and food waste) and 25% of your meal cost would be donated to local and global non-profits (hunger).

It’s common knowledge that obesity and food waste are issues in the United States, but the numbers are shocking. First of all, recent studies have shown that when people are given larger food portions, they’ll over eat without realizing it. Beyond that, about 40% of the food produced in the United States isn’t consumed. Americans…

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