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6 weeks in the motherland

From late March to early May, I visited family and friends in the US, specifically Louisiana, Texas and Los Angeles. Here’s a recap of the highlights!

The morning after arriving, I surprised my mom with the news that I am “with child” 🙂 I gave her a ‘Happy Easter’ card from Kev… Of course, it wasn’t really an Easter card, but rather an announcement including a photo of my first ultrasound. Her response was priceless! It was definitely a great way to kick off my visit.

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it’s so cute!

We went out to dinner at a friend’s house the other night and Kev found a new friend. You only hear it once in the video, but he kept saying “It’s so cute!” throughout the night. He’s so cute. 🙂

i am… a coincidence?

Okay, so this post is going to be really short, but I had to share it with you.

Just one day after publishing my last post [titled “i am”], Kevin and I were checking out movie trailers on and came across a new documentary titled [yep, you guessed it] “I am”.


Since I don’t really believe in coincidences, I thought I should share this trailer with you. I’m in no way endorsing the film or anything in it, but I can say that the trailer intrigued me. It’s always amazing to see when someone has a near-death experience and how that begs them to question, “What am I living for?” Looks like Tom may have found a few answers.

I’ll definitely be watching this when it comes out to hear more of the story and Shadyac’s conclusions. Maybe we could spark up some conversations after that? In person, of course. 😉

wedding trailer

Thought you might enjoy the trailer for our upcoming wedding video… Huge thanks to Jordy & the guys at CF Weddings! If you’re getting married in Louisiana [or anywhere for that matter…], these are your guys.