a look back at 2013


2013. What a year it has been. We’ve been around the world and back, now taking this last opportunity to share with you some of our favorite moments, fun facts, crazy videos and solemn remembrances. Thank you to each and every person who made it what it was – for being a friend and loving us the way you do. We are forever thankful for you!

The above image is a collage of instagrams by both Kevin and myself in chronological order from the top left to the bottom right… Click on the image for a larger version — so many fun moments with people we absolutely adore. And then (and only then), you may read on…

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Feliz Navidad 2013

Merry Christmas! From our family to yours. With Love, The Lingberries

Lingberries Christmas Card

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punkin carving

A few weeks ago in Louisiana, my cousin Trey & his wife Amanda invited us over to carve pumpkins at their house. It was the first time any of us had tried it out and we had such a blast. Can’t believe I’d never done it before! A few others joined in the fun, including my bro Sam and buddy Matty C (look for the handlebar mustache… and no, it wasn’t for Halloween). We rocked out for a good 4 hours carving the gourds, listening to spooky Halloween tunes (peppered with the occasional witch cackle). Good times. Enjoy the photos & Happy Hollerween!

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LVTW: Copenhagen

Last September, we bid farewell to two of our closest friends, Andrew & Celina. They would soon be moving from Sydney (where they met, got married and had their daughter, Annika) to Denmark (far, far away) to help establish a new room in the Hillsong global house: Hillsong Copenhagen.

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LVTW: Sweden

If I had to choose one word to describe our time in Sweden, it would be family. I have endless memories of summer adventures driving up the coast, when my Dad would drive for hours. That time on the road was always a bit rough, but once we arrived to our destination, we would have the best time. Sweden felt a bit like that. A long journey getting there, but completely worth it.

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LVTW: Norway

Oslo is one. sweet. city. It wasn’t on our original itinerary, but we waited a bit too long to book our flight from London to Stockholm and ended up finding a more affordable flight to nearby Oslo. Our buddy Daz lives there, so Kev got in touch to see if he would be around and up for hosting us. Just minutes later, we got an excited ‘YES’ in response. Lerv it.

To give you a quick intro to Norway, have a look at these houses with grass on their roofs. It provides excellent insulation in the long winter months. Some people even chuck a goat up there to keep the lawn trimmed!

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LVTW: England

England [aka the Motherland] was a fitting start to our 8-week European adventure. I mean, where would the world be without the British Empire? I certainly couldn’t call Australia home if it weren’t for the clever chaps in the 18th century that sent Captain James Cook on his quest to find new lands. To boldly go where no man has gone before… or something like that.


We, of course, have other reasons for visiting Europe. Being part of a global church has brought about some amazing friendships with people from all over the world, who you’ll start to see more of in our ‘Lingberries vs The World’ posts. London and the surrounding areas seemed like the perfect launching pad. Continue reading

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Lingberries vs The World: Uganda

After an amazing time in South Africa, Kevin and I took an early morning flight up to Uganda. We hit some mad traffic on our way into town and it took nearly 3 hours (compared to the usual 1 hour). Welcome to Uganda!


Our friend Derrick from Watoto picked us up from the airport and kindly drove us throughout much of our week-long visit. It was wonderful getting to know him better and we are grateful for his generosity in taking us around. Continue reading

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Lingberries vs The World: South Africa

Just last week, Sydney & I launched on our 15-week journey around the world, which we’re calling our ‘Lingberries vs. The World’ trip. What better place to start than the beautiful continent of Africa? Our first stop – Johannesburg, South Africa.


The lovely Harwood family hosted us during our stay in Jo’burg. Sydney first met Sue & Gary in Uganda 4 years ago and they have maintained a great friendship ever since. We were so blessed by their hospitality and cannot thank them enough for opening their home and hearts to us.

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1 Second Everyday

Before Kev and I set off to America for 3 months on March 19, our buddy Dave told us about an iPhone app called 1SE (which stands for ‘1 Second Everyday’). The premise is simple: You take a video each day and then choose a 1-second clip. The clip gets logged and then ‘mashed up’ with the rest into a fun video collage. The longer you stay on track, the longer your collage becomes.

Kev did an AMAZING job of creating the video below. Enjoy this mini-trip into our world!

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